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JBSC Fall Recreation Soccer Program Overview

The Jensen Beach Soccer Club recreational program is open to all players regardless of ability, as long as membership and age requirements are met. The number of players signing up determines the amount of teams available in an age group. Memberships are accepted on a “first come, first served” basis. If an odd number of players occurs, a waiting list will be created. All efforts will be made to accommodate players, however if a viable team cannot be formed, the registration fee will be refunded.

Unlike the competitive program, players are guaranteed a minimum playing time (50% of the game). Travel is minimal. There are no tryouts, and to ensure that the teams are as balanced as possible, there is a blind draft and rules against “stacking” teams.

The 2019 season will begin in mid September (please check the important dates here). The season dates are set by the Treasure Coast Soccer League and include 10 games, plus the opportunity to participate in a World Cup recreational tournament to be held in December.


What are the registration fees? Each age group incurs different operating costs to the club, therefore the registration fees are different for each age group.  JBSC has tried to keep costs as low as possible while providing a quality soccer program for the children.  

            2019 fees are as follows:

 6u   (Birth year 2014-2015)  $110.00

 8u   (Birth year 2013-2013)  $110.00

10u  (Birth year 2010-2011)  $125.00 

12u  (Birth year 2008-2009)  $125.00

15u  (Birth year 2005-2007)  $125.00

HS   (Birth year 2002-2005)  $125.00

Parents can earn a 50% refund issued if they bring in a business sponsorship for a team.  Details are provided at the time of registration.

Can I receive a refund of my registration fee? The Jensen Beach Soccer Club adheres to the following tiered refund policy:

1. 100% refund allowable before first practice and/or uniform order;
2. 50% refund allowable after first practice and/or uniform order and before first game;
3. No refunds will be issued from date of first game and thereafter, unless approved by the Board of Directors.

There are no exceptions to this policy.

When are the practices and games?
 The 6u age group (2014-2015) will participate in a 30-minute training session followed by coached games (also 30 minutes) on Friday evenings beginning at 5:45 pm. The 8u division  (2012-2013) will practice Wednesday evenings and play games on Friday evenings following the 6u games. 10u (2002-2011)and older age groups practice twice per week (days and times chosen by the team's coach) with weekend games scheduled by the Treasure Coast Soccer League.

May I request that my child play on a team with a friend? 

In the 6u and 8u division, requests can be made to play with A SINGLE additional player from outside your household.  The request will NOT be considered if it is not mutual and noted in both players registrations.  Requests to play with another player WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED IN THE AGE GROUPS 10u AND OLDER. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule, including excuses of car-pooling, etc.  You may wonder why this is so.  First off, your child should be playing soccer for the love of the game, the fitness aspect, and the friendships that are made on the field - with teammates and opponents. They should not be playing if they are only involved with soccer to be around a friend.  Some of my family's closest friends have been people involved with other schools that we met through youth sports.  We would never have met these people had we only surrounded ourselves with people we already knew. Second, if a team is dominated by a clique it becomes very hard for children outside that group to become comfortable. Third, (believe it or not) some ultra-competitive parents will manipulate the process of assigning teams to "stack" a team. This is unfair to everyone else playing. We at JBSC will work hard to create teams that we think are balanced at the outset of the season.

How will we know what team my child is on? As soon as the registration period is complete, club representatives will randomly assign kids to teams within their age bracket. The coaches will contact players as soon as they receive their team rosters. JBSC communicates via email, so be sure your email address is up to date.

When do we get uniforms? Uniforms (jersey, shorts and socks) will be ordered at the conclusion of the registration process when all teams have been created. Once they are printed with sponsor information, should be ready to hand to coaches the last practice prior to the first game. Your account must be paid in order for your child to receive a uniform.

What does my child need for practice? Shin guards are REQUIRED. Your child will not be allowed to practice/play without them. Shin guards must be worn inside the socks. Cleats are not required, however if your child has them, they must be cleats appropriate for soccer. No football cleats or baseball cleats - no toe cleat. Comfortable athletic shorts and t-shirts will be perfect – and leave the jewelry and hard plastic/metal hair accessories at home.

What are my options if my child can really “bend it like Beckham”? Once your child has completed the recreation season and desires to play year-round, there may be positions available on one of the competitive teams. Please contact the Director of Coaching for more information.







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